3 Ways to Refresh Your Retail Displays

Is it time to update your merchandising display?

Maybe you’re launching a new product campaign. Or maybe the current display it’s just getting a little… stale.

You might find yourself asking if you should start fresh with a brand new display. But before you start from scratch let’s see if it’s possible to refresh your existing display?


In this post we share 3 considerations for refreshing your retail display, from simple pros and cons, to the cosmetic and structural upgrades.

Starting with the pros and cons.


Save Money

Is a new custom display the right place to invest your merchandising budget? If you could reallocate those funds, where would you rather invest it?

Save Time

Production can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the material and manufacturing. The last thing you want is for your merchandising plans delayed because the parts haven’t arrived.

That’s not even including the concept development time which, can tack on another week or several month to the project because of the redesigning. Refreshing your existing store display program can drastically shorten your delivery date.

Better for the environment

Time and money are always critical to the project’s success but as we re-examine retail in the future, let’s not forget the global affect. If it works, why replace it when it can be refurbished. Saving materials, recycling and limiting our impact on the environment should be celebrated and prioritized.



As tempting as refreshing your store display may be, let’s be honest, there can be major limitations based on what’s already in the field.

Maybe your new packaging won’t fit or is too heavy. Could you imagine the horror if the display fell apart which could be a pandora’s box of concerns.

Too many customizations

It your retrofit requires too many customizations, is it worth it? For example, are there multiple versions of the existing display? Does it need to mount to an existing fixture but each fixture is different? Sometimes starting from scratch will save you time, money and headaches down the road.


Don’t forget the easy overlooked installation costs. It can be a challenge to find a reputable, trusted installer that also provides the service without breaking your budget. Finding someone to swap out graphics is very different from someone disassembling and reassembling a fixture without losing parts or breaking frames. These issues can mean costly mistakes and lost revenue.

Although there are limitations to how you can refresh your current display program; cosmetic, structural, or interactive updates can provide the same results as a brand new display or fixture.

Cosmetic Refresh

Updated Imagery

One of the easiest ways to refresh a display is to swap out graphics for new imagery. From lifestyle imagery to infographics, these can transform a stale store fixture.

Add Color

Make your product’s pop but adding a colored background graphic. These can have custom slots or printed texts that add dimension and contrast.

Is your display made from metal? Add colored magnetic channels that can be easily repositioned.


Use graphics, signage or product vignettes to help categorize your product assortment, creating a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Structural Refresh


These add-ons can include a “hero-product” vignette that attaches to a pegboard or slatwall fixture. Or perhaps a monitor or LED lights.

Add Modularity

Redesign for future growth. This tiered approach to a store or fixture redesign can provide incremental upgrades, ensuring that each visit it new and exciting. By planning for modularity, it insures that your store display program is flexible and universal. This allows for customization based on store’s assortment and availability.

Selective Remodels

Instead of overhauling the entire retail display or fixture, maybe just one side or element needs improvement. A 2′ structure is easier to replace than an 8′ installation. Transform a stagnant wall to an engaging interactive experience, with technology, smart mirrors or endless aisles.

Make it Interactive

QR Codes

The future is here and it’s been accelerated by technology along with society demands for faster, convenient and more engaging content.

The addition of QR codes can be as simple at linking a store graphic to existing web content or as complex as a custom AR/VR (Augmented/Virtual Reality) content that can speed up sales conversions as well as capturing shopper data.

Appeal to the Senses

Testers – Product sampling may be changing but when possible allow your customers to try out your products. “We want your customers to fall in love at first smell, and one of the best ways to do that is with in-store testers.” – Ella B. Candles

Speakers – Create a vibe. Choose a selection that aligns with your brand/product.


Investing in a new retail display program can be daunting when considering the time, energy and budget. Refreshing your existing store display and fixtures could be a great options, alleviating some of the headache that comes with executing a merchandising program. However, not every merchandising project is ideal for repurposing, so we start by laying out the pros and cons. As well as sharing 3 ideas to keep in mind when planning for a store display/fixture refresh. We hope you find it informative and inspiring for your next retail merchandising display project.

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