4 Types of Illuminated Signs

Ever walk past an aisle and something catches your eye?

Was it big or small, bold or hidden, attractive or a distraction?

In our previous blog, we explored how signage can promote social distancing, now we’ll explore 4 types of illuminated signage and what works and doesn’t.

4 Types of Illuminated Signage


In 2000, the average human’s attention span was 12 seconds. 2013, just 8. Compared to 9 seconds for goldfish, it’s clear that we’re succumbing to the shiny object syndrome. Looking for the latest trends, hottest brands, coolest products to test and share with our communities, heard of unboxing videos?

Sadly, there isn’t someone posted in each aisle, unboxing samples for us.

1. Backlit Letters

The classic illuminated sign.


Endless possibilities in materials, colors, sizes and costs, this classic illuminated signage will put a spotlight on and header. These choices are important in creating a story and reflecting the brand’s image.

9bf29f28316fce4eb0f311ab4a040759d1bc94fddd7cfde678e453fd5b44854dLonsdale London choose a simple, minimal design approach apparent in their font, color,and material choices.


e51c68ff5f177c82b6469ec84fef0016 Selecting the background material will also play a role in the sign’s effectiveness.

Like selecting a kitchen’s backsplash the texture, color and material will influence how the brand is perceived. For example the rustic quality of the wood slats and dark natural stone tones. Also note how the color of the lighting can also affect the overall perception.5fb7592b52b4ead557fa77572aad68ef


2. Marquee

Where back lit signage can appeal to a wide range of styles, marquee sign have attitude.

Synonymous with hotels, theatres, casinos, and public stations, this form of signage is bold, attention-grabbing.


Using a marquee in your design is a bold statement and should be treated as a focal point and inspiration for the entire retail experience.

3. Neon

Fun, quirky, and whimpsical.

The neon sign is part of the hipster retail aesthetic 101.


Have you visited the latest instagrammable neighborhood spot, it probably has a neon sign. A thought-provoking quote to an irreverent shape.

It’s perfect for drawing in a young, hip crowd.

4. Vacuum Formed

Gel-like in application, this illuminated sign is often seen in bold, glossy pops of colors.


The vacuum-formed production method means this lends well to rounded corners with low details, having a bubble – like appearance.

It’s seen typical in circular shapes with printed logos or graphics, covering LED bulbs or strips.




Selecting the right material, color, fabrication can be daunting; especially if you’re not familiar with your options. We’d be happy to share our expertise.

Reach out to us and let’s start designing.

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