5 Essential things to consider when buying a store display


In the ultra-competitive retail market, (both online and off) standing out is key to reaching both new and existing customers.

Knowing your options from the start will help you make better decisions and prepare for future obstacles.

Whether this is our first store display or your 100th, these are 5 essential things to consider when buying a store display.

1. Budget

5 Things to consider when buying a store display - BUDGET

A budget doesn’t have to be an exact number but a range or ballpark will guide you.

The last thing you want is to see your dream display to realize it’s way too expensive. And reverse, to buy the cheapest option that ends up costing you more in the long run.

But… how do you determine the budget?

Well, what kind of display will you need? Something at the checkout counter, on a shelf in an aisle or a stand alone fixture in the middle of the store?

Also, your quantity, how many displays will you need. You can forecast based on quarterly projections. It’s best to account for yearly and multi-year needs as long as you consider storage (read #4). This allows you to take advantage of economies of scale and opens up more options.

And how quickly do you need it?

Did you say last week? hah. Unfortunately, miracles can’t happen but maybe you can find something stock and fingers crossed it’s exactly what you need.

Typically, custom displays take anywhere from 3 week to 24+ weeks to produce. The sooner you get planning, the better it’ll be on your display budget.

Materials, technology, manufacturing and customization options can vary the price drastically.  a counter display can range anywhere from $5 – $500 per unit.

TIP: Maximize economy of scale. Forecasting your needs and increasing your order can bring down the overall cost per unit.


2. Product Specs

5 Things to consider when buying a store display - PRODUCT SPECS

Know the weight, shape, and dimensions of your products. And don’t forget about the packaging.

Last the thing you want it to send displays to stores, to only realize your product don’t fit.

TIP: Test, test, test.

Test that the products fit. Test that it holds enough product and test that the displays hold up to the test of time.


3. Share your message

5 Things to consider when buying a store display - BRANDING

What’s your message?

And how can you connect with shoppers in the split second that you have their attention.

You can either use inspiration imagery, looped videos, or sometimes a simple logo is best.

And depending on how long you’ll be using the display, think about interchangeable graphics. Add graphic channels can allow you to swap logos and imagery easily and magnetic graphics are perfect for a seamless look.

4. Storage

5 Things to consider when buying a store display - STORAGE

Will you need to store you displays?

You might have your own warehouse but in case your space is limited, storing your displays will be essential.

5. Don’t forget about shipping

5 Things to consider when buying a store display - SHIPPING

And last but not least, shipping.

It can easily be an unexpectedly large expense if not considered early. Especially it the parts get stuck in customs.

TIP: Having a display partner that can handle drop ship capabilities will save you time and headaches or coordinating display orders.



Investing in your store displays can be risky without knowing what to expect. In our post we share 5 essential things to consider when buying a store display. Starting with how to determine a budget, considering your product specs and the importance of testing. Option on how to share your branding as well as thinking about the storage and shipping needs.


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