Branded Sanitizing Stations: 3 Design Considerations

Ever been shopping and screamed…

There it is!

Of course you have.

In 2019, it was probably for that coveted item you’ve heard your coworker raving about or the product you’ve been reading reviews about online.


2020 is different


It’s brought awareness as well as concern to our collective health and well being.

So, as we traverse the aisles of our local retailers, seeing the opportunity to sanitize brings welcomed comfort and ease to the shopping experience.

It’s the big elephant  in the room.


Combating COVID-19 will take time but taking on the social impacts will take even longer. It’s important to ease customers back into the stores, helping to alleviate some of the concerns they have around exposure. While outdoor, open air spaces are preferable it’s not easy to transition all merchandiser outside and even harder in the upcoming winter months.

Sanitizing Stations throughout the store can provide a shoppers with peace of mind as well as provide an opportunity for brands to connect with customers. In this blog we explore 3 considerations for designing a sanitizing station.

Mobile vs Stationary

To move or not to move. That is the questions.

Mobile Sanitizing StationDisney Hand Sanitizing Station














Comparing the 2 structures above, the GoodFood stand has a slanted front for visual optimizing, compared to the die cut Mickey eared backdrop of the Disney version. However, the angled front must be supported with triangular braces mounted to a hefty stable base with casters.

Having the flexibility to move around the store is ideal but the base/support structure also adds cost and weight. Which will affect the overall cost of the project. As opposed to the Disney version that is considerable simpler, however the unit is susceptible to damage when moved depending on the durability of the materials used.Sanitizing Station with MonitorA great option is a design that has built in flexibility from wall mounted to freestanding.

Inside Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Station

Here’s a peek inside a wall mounted version.

High vs Low Tech

Another consideration with deciding on a design for a branded sanitizing station is how techy should it be?

Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizing Station Woman Using Hand Santizer Station With Monitor













A simple foot-activated pump can be an easy solution. However, it’s usually clunky, no the most ADA compliant and offers limited messaging potential.

On the other side are completely touchless, motion-activated stations with a monitor at eye level. However, monitors will need to be plugged in or requires more maintenance to replace batteries. Limiting it’s placement potential and of course, higher costs in manufacturing and shipping.


It’s the show stopper.

The original low-tech monitor… static graphics.

Branded Graphic Hand Sanitizing Station 2 4 Sided Branded Hand Sanitizing Stations















Available from decals to printed fabric and corrugate, it’s a focal point for messaging.

From a simple logo to infographics, the available print area is the only restrictions. However, it’s important to not overwhelm with too much information, making it a great opportunity to incorporate QR codes and NFC Chips.

Branded Graphic Hand Sanitizing Station


Creating a welcoming shopping experience nowadays requires that safety and health protocols are in place. Hand sanitizing stations are a great source of relief while perusing down the aisle so why not take advantage by offering branded sanitizing units. We covered 3 design consideration when developing the perfect unit, from the cost associated with a mobile unit on wheels to a stationary version. Or a high tech unit with monitor of a simple foot pedal activated one. And of course, the most important visual element, the graphics.

Are you interested in developing a branded sanitizing station?

We’d be happy to help.

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