Dramatic Minimalism

With so many choices, it can be easy to draw attention with lights, bright colors, and the hottest material trends. But an absence of flash and distracting elements can give a sense of elegant, curated beauty. Such as the minimalist approach taken by Australian skincare brand, Aesop, located in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles, CA. In collaboration with Brooks + Scarpa, Aesop’s second signature showroom in LA personifies dramatic minimalism in its use of 1 key material.

As a luxury skincare brand, Aesop embraced the hidden beauty of an inexpensive, easy to find material,cardboard tubes. Embracing the intrinsic geometric form of the tubes to create undulating linear rows of wall decor. Transforming a rather bland space into a dynamic, awe-inspiring room full of customizable opportunity. By walking into the boutique, the customer is invited to take a closer look at each product and peaking into hidden gems tucked within the tubes such as the products displayed below.

A key with minimalism is that each piece is selected with care for a distinct purpose. With nowhere to hide, each addition to the space must have it’s own charm, such as the vintage, porcelain 2-faucet bucket sink. Even it’s copper pipes are exposed to highlights its functionality while mimicking the linear tubes along the walls.

The tubing also lends well to hidden drawers for brochures and bags.

You can visit the showroom at:

Aesop Downtown LA
862 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Every day, 11am – 7pm

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