Forecast of 2019 Retail Design Trends

Forecast of 2019 Retail Design Trends
Fly Pony Flagship Store; Shanghai, China Prism Design

From greater personalization to “social shopping,” retailers are finding design characteristics and technologically driven ways to meet shoppers’ needs. Today’s customers expect more from brands than ever before, and it’s these demands that will continue to push the industry forward into 2019. Here we take a look into some of the top trends that we expect to impact retail this coming year.



Trends in Technology


Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

User experiences are being dictated by artificial intelligence and data-driven algorithms. Some retailers now give each consumer a customized website experience, tailored ads, as well as individual product recommendations.

Companies are offering digital solutions that overcome the limitations of online shopping. Original Stitch has debuted Bodygram, which creates personalized sizing by scanning photos of the users’ bodies. It claims the service is 99 percent accurate-though, if it isn’t the items can be returned. Wayfair used virtual reality to let users see how it’s furniture and decor looks in their homes.



Okatshe; Atlantic City; Designed by Dash Design

Illumination strategy continues to play an increasingly important role in the modern experience-driven retail environment. Lighting is one of the most important elements of the in-store experience due to its innate ability to influence customers’ moods, alertness and attention levels. A current popular trend is the use of the tunable or “dynamic” light according to Sean O’Connor, Principal, Sean O’Connor Lighting. “I use the term ‘dynamic white’ as the environments are constantly changing,” he says. “For restaurants and cafes, dynamic white allows you to go from daytime looks with cooler color temperatures…to evening or late-night looks with warmer colors.”

Roaring Wild Store; Shenzhen, China Designed by Domani Architectural Concepts
Alko, Finland Designer: Kuude’s




Trends in Design


Banks Journal Flagship Store; Los Angeles, California

Material Honesty

The increase in importance placed on conscious material usage for packaging, displays, etc., is ever present. Sustainable design is not only important to retailers but consumers as well. With the environment suffering major crisis after major crisis, we’re always happy to see new takes on production and décor that are aesthetically pleasing while leaving little to no impact on the planet and it’s resources.

From leftover materials like marble being recomposed in smart ways to energy-saving technology, to live plant walls, whatever retailers choose to bring into their store environments from now on has much more of a need to follow suit and take less and give back to the planet as much as it can more so than ever before.



Valentino flagship store; New York, New York

The Return of Terrazzo

With the enduring popularity of mid century modern showing no signs of slowing down, it comes as no surprise that Terrazzo surfaces and decorative extras made a big impact on design forecasts looking at 2019 design trends.

A composite material consisting of chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass to evoke a playful, confetti-like abstracted spirit, we’ve seen plenty of genius ways to bring the material into environments with Terrazzo covering everything from flooring to light fixtures to even curtains (in print, that is).


Valentino flagship store; New York, New York
Hannes Peer’s N21 flagship store; Milan, Italy



Geometric Patterns

While geometric patterns almost never go out of style thanks to their symmetrical harmony, ethnic and tribal-inspired prints seem to come and go about every 10-15 years or so as times and tastes change.

But what makes them feel so right when considering 2019 design trends is the warmth, familiarity, and offset pattern they can easily introduce to even the most minimal of spaces. And though warm minimalism has had its moment for quite some time now, there’s something to be said about bringing more life into an environment as a direct reaction to the today’s somewhat strict, limiting, and straightforward approach to interior and retail design.

Sugarcup Cosmetics Store; South Korea; Designed by Betwin Design Space


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  • Jeremy Lawson

    Jeremy Lawson

    Great article! The retail landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Shapes, efficient use of space and aesthetic lighting is being incorporated in shop floor designs like never before, to give customers unique experiences. It is a matter of time before such trends cross over from the luxury segment into daily consumer stores.