Inset Product Displays: Utilizing the Existing Space

Less is More

We’ve all heard the concept of “less is more”. As trends have evolved in the exhibit design industry, the implementation of this idea is evident more than ever. The best way to catch a potential customer’s attention isn’t always necessarily by having products jutting out into the aisles or predominately displayed out in the center of a space. Utilizing recessed display areas allow for the aesthetic plane to be broken in a non-traditional way. Rather than using dominating spacial elements to display products, implementing recessed product spacing can be much more impactful and a beneficial way to use already existing space.


Effective usage

In order to utilize this design component within a space there are various points to consider.


Flow of arrangement

Not all recessed wall displays need to be perfect rectangular repeating patterns. Bring both symmetric and asymmetric patterns into play with varying shapes and configurations.¬†When creating a space with recessed displays, play with the arrangement of the product “cubby” locations.






Visual Contrast

By creating a contrast between your display environment and the products that its exhibiting this will allow for the product to stand out better. By constructing a display that lets bright and vibrant products sit within a white wall the product line is able to speak for itself. Implementing a colored wall with products that are minimal in color can also create this contrast well. These are great tools to apply as long as they don’t go as far as to distract from the product itself.








Irregular Shapes

Experimenting with differing shapes on the product areas can bring a great deal of appeal and uniqueness to the display. Straying away from circular and rectangular cut outs can allow products to stand out more in their environment with little extra effort done to the area.






Clean Aesthetic

Bringing an inset product section of a display into the design can also provide for a much cleaner, simple aesthetic. This allows the display footprint dimensions to be minimized which in turn lets the display to take up less floor space while still making an impact in it’s environment.










Graphic Placement

By implementing the recessed areas the product is not the only element that is given a unique approach to how it is displayed. The graphic and logo incorporation can be used in more unique ways when having more planes to work with as well.










Hiding product in the existing space


Utilizing the negative space within a wall in an effort to bring excitement and intrigue to a display can bring a great deal of additional appeal to the product that it is showcasing. A great example of this is a recent POP development that Cards Against Humanity has fostered.













In major retailers where the Cards Against Humanity merchandise can be found, a display has been introduced that appears to be made up of a simple temporary end shelf display. However, there is a secret compartment within the display that holds a pack of cards exclusive to the customers who set out to find them. This has in turn brought a new sense of intrigue to the product line and has been bringing customers into the retail space to discover the product and make the purchase.










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