+ Use of lighting is on the rise in the retail environment, from strip LEDs in small display to large installations.

+ Not all lighting is the same. The type of customer experience dictates the appropriate light (ie: cool, daylight, warm)


Throughout the show floor at Euroshop 2017, trade show booths exhibited the dramatic beauty produced by warm lights.

With the ease of installation and low cost technology, retailers and brands have embraced the use of strategic lighting to create a dynamic and engaging experience for their customers.

Daylight and cool colors spread to illuminate the entire room with crisp and refreshing light, making it ideal for the kitchen or task related activities. On the other hand, the red/yellow tones in warm lighting produce a calm, gentle reaction; more suitable for a momentary pause in the shopping experience.


As you can see in the meeting space in the image above, using warm lighting creates a relaxed ambiance for conversation. With a large illuminated focal point in the room, it invites you in with a calming presence. Once inside, low ceiling lights create individual space with warm lighting.


Warm lighting can also have a soft yet bold impact on products. By casting a subtle glow and dramatic shadows, the wall of hats invites the audience in and elevates the hats in an art gallery type setting. 


Using warm color bulbs is one way to create a calm customer experience, another is to use warm materials with overhead (or up-lighting) to produce a similar effect.

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