Omega Mart – The store from another dimension


Ready for an experience that’s out of this world?

We have just the place for you, Omega Mart – The store from another dimension.

In our latest blog post we share creative inspiration from one of Las Vegas’ newest attractions, Omega Mart. A psychedelic experience that transforms a mundane mega mart into a whirlwind of eye-catching, jaw-dropping surprises.

Omega Mart

The store from another dimension


Part art installation, part escape/mystery room, Omega Mart plays with the conventional retail environment and adds a dash of wit, charm and child-like curiosity.

Starting with a wall of quirky signage, mocking traditional grocery item specials.



Just off the Las Vegas Strip lies an immersive experience in a bold, new development project, AREA15. Home to multiple interactive attractions such as Omega Mart, the Van Gogh: The immersive Experience, axe throwing, motorized ziplines and restaurants and bars.


Who created this fantasy-filled destination?

Meow Wolf, an arts and entertainment company founded by a collaborative of DIY Santa Fe artists, “working in a huge range of media, including sculpture, painting, fabrication, digital art, writing, film, and many more,” are the geniuses behind Omega Mart.

Winding your way into the store, you’re greeted by an 80s style mega mart aesthetic that puts a smile on your face with closer inspection.

While the store is stocked with plushie produce and satirically named boxed foods (available for purchase), the real adventure happens behind hidden entryways that weave you in and out of reality.

Crossing over to the other side, you’re greeted by the a plethora of mind-bending rooms.

While not all the experiences are retail-ready (tattoo -chicken coming to mind)… there are some amazing concepts that deserve to be spotlighted. Below are some inspirations for your next project.

Complete Immersion

Utterly immersive, Omega Mart is a fun house disguised as a store. Complete with mazes, slides and hidden rooms that engage nearly all your senses.


While building a 3-story winding slide might be out of the budget (and target demographic), incorporating a VR/AR activity can create a memorable experience that they can take with them. Also, thinks about ways to include the whole family. In our past blog, we explore fun ways to engage everyone shopping: BLOG POST

Bring in the funny

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Embrace the satire, the quirk and the unexpected.

Omega_mart_cr_Wade_Vandervort_LD_t1024 (1)


The artist behind Meow Wolf truly embrace their wild side. And took visitors to Omega Mart on a journey full of smiles, smirks and laughter. Reimagining everyday item and literally bringing them to life.

Doing a double take or snapping an instagrammable shot, visitors can stroll through the aisles pointing out wacky names, ridiculous product claims and unconventional products in produce form.

Although silly, these ironic products and labeling bring a whimsical joy. Something to consider your next merchandising product.

Layered Effects





Absolutely spectacular.

Perfectly choreographed LED lighting and music create a symphony of visuals.

The oceanic room was built with walled of layered acrylic with etched sea life. Between each panel are LED strips, lined along the perimeter. As the music serenades each visitor, the lights are activated, turning static images into a 3 dimensional visual wave.

The same technique can be easily incorporated into a retail wall, fixture or signage.


Tell a Story

And make it a compelling one.


Beyond the spectacular light show and theatrical environments of Omega Mart, lies a story begging to be discovered.

Upon entry, each visitor group is provided with a card to activate stations throughout the experience. Each one providing clues behind the multidimensional adventure, engaging the mind and becoming more invested in the story. That’s all we’ll provide, no spoiler alerts here.

When envisioning new ways to engage with customers, think about the story you’re sharing. Provide cues with signage and make it interactive. Take shoppers on a journey, discovering one piece at a time. Allowing them to fall in love and picture the products fitting within their own lives.


To sum it all up, go to Omega Mart.

The next time you’re in Las Vegas for business or pleasure, make sure you get your ticket to the Omega Mart experience.

It’s a great opportunity to engage your senses and expand your mind while inspiring your next merchandising project.

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