Our 6 Favorite Themes from NEOCON 2022



Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

Some more obvious than others, which is what led us to NEOCON.

Located in the heart of Chicago, NEOCON is an annual event held at theMart; home to dozens of the top commercial design houses such as Davis Furniture, Arcadia, and Steelcase. It’s opportunity for industry professional to connect, learn and explore showrooms that are typically closed to the public. We happy to share our 6 favorite themes from the show and how they can be inspiration for the retail space.


In a world that’s evolved to offer everything at your fingertips, it can be a bit overwhelming; especially while trying to concentrate.

The folks at BuzziSpace understand that a “well-balanced space is a key factor to performance and well-being,” that’s why they’ve created a line of products focused on Noise Reduction.

To share they’re passion with sound, they created a space within their showroom that takes each visitor through a 12-step journey. Along the path, visitors are encouraged to pick up a ping pong ball, bouncing it from room to room, listening for the audible differences based on their product’s design. Through this self-guided journey, visitors are learning about the nuisances in sound absorption, discovering new products and creating a lasting memory with the brand.


Dynamic, textural and inviting.

Various showrooms at theMart, showcased their take on room dividers. The challenge is to delineate space without making it feel clunky, distracting or cold. These spaces balanced the dichotomy of separating spaces and encouraging a collaborative space by embracing slatted structures and semi transparent fabrics.

Combining the textures with translucent layers or organic shapes from foliage added an extra element of dimension. Turning a static environment into a cozy space.


Gone are the days of boring wallpaper.

Today, the options are nearly endless. From 3D textures to high resolution images, printed walls can open up a wide opportunity of instagrammable spots. Used throughout a space or positioned in cozy corners, adding a graphic can be as easy as placing a sticker.

Burke Decor and Walls Republic offer a multitude of options from the outrageous to the demure.


Fabric covered panels of different shapes and materials were a magnet to each person who passed by.

Tempting people as they strolls to stop mid-step and pet the walls. A great technique when competing for attention in a crowded room.


As the retail square footage shrinks year to year, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to make an impactful connection with your visitors. And that exactly what the showrooms did inside theMart.

Design showrooms capitalized on their showroom walls, bringing to life their design process with chalk drawn sketches and 3 dimensional layout, they shows visitors the capabilities of their product lines while encouraging them to study each piece deeper. One showroom carved out a space to tell their company story, highlighting achievements throughout the years.BENCHMARC - BLOG - NEOCON - IMAGES6

While some showroom embrace the softness of fabrics, others turned to wood and transformed it into multidimensional art pieces.

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