Putting POP into New Year’s Resolutions


Sure, we all make and try to keep personal New Year’s resolutions, but what about in business?

At Benchmarc, we know that pushing ourselves and making an honest assessment of ourselves is critical to stay ahead of our competitors, and in turn, help our customers do the same. So, for 2016 here’s what we will strive to do. Maybe they’ll inspire you, too.

Be cognizant of the past

It’s possible to repeat past mistakes, so with every project we aim to leverage the forty years of experience we’ve acquired. Learning and experimenting with past projects in same or unrelated industries add to the constant flow of creative juices for new challenges and new clients.

Synergize our skills

The last thing any company seems to need is more meetings – especially meetings about future meetings. Being able to communicate effectively is something that will help us conquer this. By setting goals to have consistent and productive team meetings internally, time management will be key, especially at early stages of concept generation. With time on our side, the quantity and quality of solutions we develop will be, too.

Offer MORE!

Why wait for our customers to tell us what their needs are? Why wait for them to ask for improvements on an existing program or even the latest designs and technologies? In-store displays are just one small thing on the plate of our client’s marketing program, and it’s our job as a partner to find these answers.

Get out into the market more

Sure, we all make store visits, but if it’s a habit, I bet we’d do it even more! It’s our goal to leave the office on a regular basis and hit the mall, the big box store, and independent retailers so we eat sleep and breathe the latest trends and can relay that to our customers.

Switch things up

We just reconfigured our office space to visually open it up and create a better working environment! We’ve also added desktop 3D printers into the Product Development department to take concepts from virtual models to something that we can evaluate in the real world as soon as possible. To continue switching things up in small ways can make a world of a difference and will help motivate and spark new thinking.

We’d bet that there are some on our list that could easily fit on yours as well. Maybe you have a few to share that we can add to ours. Let us know what you think!

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