What Is Fact?

Each “FACT” will describe how we streamline the display process when you hover over it. FACT is our exclusive formula for determining the best way to approach your personal project.

Communication is key. We improve your project process by eliminating inefficiencies and addressing all your past and potential problems first. Understanding what you need in order for your project to function best is the most important part of building a lasting partnership.
After talking through all the details of your project and understanding your goals and budget, we work with you to achieve the aesthetic goal. Instead of looking just at the display itself, we look at the holistic process of the retail program - from shipping to installation, to repurposing - establishing real long-term value.
Partnering with us means leaving all your worries at the door. We help solve problems created by other retail firms who propose unrealistic results, and develop solutions that are producible, within budget, and function the way they were intended to for the expected lifespan. That part of the budget? Is priceless.
Quality of life is important to us. By focusing on all the above, we deliver a product guaranteed to fit your goals, budget and creative vision - saving you all the time, all the money and all the stress.

Our Perspective

We believe the way to create outstanding solutions that meet the shopper’s needs is to leverage the experience and knowledge of our clients.

Benchmarc FACT System

The time and effort spent on a marketing campaign for any brand must break through at retail to be successful.

How do we measure the success of an in-store concept? The FACT system® is Benchmarc’s exclusive metric for determining how a program will work to address the needs of the brand, fit the retail environment, and, most importantly, attract shoppers. Of course, Benchmarc does all of this before concepts are implemented in-store, providing peace of mind that the investment made at retail is sound.

Benchmarc 3D Experience

The 3D Experience® is a collaborative process where Benchmarc, the Brand Team, and the Retail Team work together developing ground-breaking ideas to connect with the shopper. The process begins by researching and gaining a full understanding of the issues in the environment. Next, clients collaborate with Benchmarc’s team to create concepts. Finally, we use our nearly four decades of experience to create solutions that are certain to perform when deployed in the retail environment.

The time and effort spent on a marketing campaign for any brand must break through at retail to be successful