So Crisp So Clean

Strip away the excess.

Make it clean and crisp.

Let the products speak for themselves.

That’s exactly what luxury German eye-wear manufacturer, Mykita accomplished with their Downtown Los Angeles showroom. Located on the ground floor of the Eastern Columbia Building; it’s situated in the trendy fashion district, surrounded by Art Deco Architecture.



In this 1,500 square foot space, (formerly home to a furniture retailer, Angleo:Home) Mykita strips down the frills and installs walls of illuminated panels to create a bright, minimal space for exploring their collection.







The undulating curves of illuminated walls meet the corners of the room, allowing the customer to feel completely immersed. As if they stepped inside a catalog.




Where other eyewear retailers would have bold signs directing customer to woman’s or men’s styles, Mykita leaves their products to open interpretations. The absence of signs, allows customer to explore styles, focusing on the fit, material and quality of Mykita’s spectacles. And of course, who doesn’t love shopping with their furry friends.















In addition to the LED wall panels, are simple, transparently framed shadow boxes hung from the ceiling. Powder coated in white, so as not to disrupt your line of sight, breaks up the sparse walls and brings in a touch of greenery. Small white ceramic pots add a touch of familiarity in a stark, somewhat cold interior.

A challenge with minimal, clean design is managing clutter. All stores have some sort of clutter, be it bags, packaging, cleaning supplies and whatnot. An easy solution would be hidden closet behind the illuminated wall panel. But Mykita takes it one step further by converting airline roller carts. Turning nondescript flush cabinets into a more dynamic piece of furniture. By incorporating the compact roller carts, it adds a quirky touch to a boring storage unit. Something their globe-trotting clientele is sure to appreciate.











Visit Mykita is all its glory at:

847 S Broadway

Los Angeles, CA 90014

open from 11-7 everyday

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  • Rashid Muhammad

    Rashid Muhammad

    I absolutely love this post, especially the tile 🙂


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