The Secret to Eye-Popping Product Displays

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According to an article by Inc.’s Adam Fridman,

“POP marketing displays must be attention catching and constantly evolving… It is essential to spice things up and keep it interesting to create a broader impact.

Ultimately, the most important advantage POP displays provide marketers with is the opportunity to influence consumers to draw attention to a particular brand. With POP displays, it’s all about creating a dramatic impact on consumers that invitesthem to purchase your product.”

As expert marketers, this is something we all know to be true – but sometimes, customizing the perfect “eye-catching” display is easier said than done.

To help guide your next project, we did some research on the psychology of captivation – what it means to look deeper into the minds of our customer to better customize attention-grabbing displays. And we came across author, Benn Parr, the author of Captivology: The Science of Captivation – a true scientist on three distinct kinds of attention: immediate, short and long.

Parr combines the latest research on attention with interviews with more than fifty scientists and visionaries Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, film director Steven Soderbergh, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, magician Jon Armstrong, New York Times bestselling author Susan Cain, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian, and more – who have successfully brought their ideas, projects, companies, and products to the forefront of cultural consciousness.

To capture someone’s attention you have to use the three stages into a person’s subconscious.

Begin a deeper dive with us into the emotional state of how marketing works by watching Parr’s video on his key points of discovery. Click:



For a deeper dive on the study above, check out Parr’s book which goes further into scientific explanations on the human attention and how it relates to your next marketing project.

Familiar with Parr’s work? How have you found it most valuable?

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