They said the lights were cool

Do you suffer from SOS?

No, there isn’t an emergency rescue situation. We’re talking about Shiny Object Syndrome. Have you ever walked down an aisle and noticed a shiny object or bright light that stopped you mid step? Do you ever suddenly turn your head towards a sparkle of light that caught your eye? If you’ve answered yes, don’t worry, no need to webmd your diagnosis. It’s in our nature to be attracted to bright objects and understanding how to appeal to SOS in a strategic way, can give retailers and brands a competitive edge.

Shiny Object Syndrome is the attraction (sudden or gradual) to an object that appears polished, glassy, and reflective. Using a combination of LEDs, mirrors, and other reflective materials help to create the desired customer experience.


In this segment of Retail Trends we take a look at Cool Lighting and how it can produce a dynamic customer experience. Not only causing momentary pauses in the shopping aisle but encourage an emotive reaction, representative of the brand.

In contrast to the golden yellow and red tones of warm lighting, cool lighting tends to emit hues of blues and greens. And as opposed to the natural lighting, cool lights have an artificial look that creates a brighter (5500 Kelvin and above) awakening effect, a great option for kitchens, bathroom and retail spaces.

When designing the desired customer experience, lighting can seem overwhelming with the numerous choices available. However, taking a look at the science behind different LED light colors, the decision becomes easier.

As an event that happens only every 3 years, Euroshop 2017 showcased innovative and dramatic lighting options.  Already suited for the retail environment, cool lighting helped to focus attention, while creating an energetic environment.

For example, in the image to the right, staggered overhead lighting produced a magnetic reaction to draw you in. The halo of dots divides areas within the space. To take it one step further, once inside the booth, the cool lights produced an energetic atmosphere, encouraging communication and networking.

But lighting doesn’t need to be overhead. By backlighting graphics or wall installations, cool lighting delivers an art installation approach. Transforming a static wall into a dynamic experience and elevating the space. Hornschuch’s samples bar is a great example of backlit table that represents their innovative surface treatments.

Taking a bold approach to cool lighting, Trato delivers a runway of nearly 360 degree illumination.  With over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing light fittings, Trato’s runway showcases the bright energy that cool lighting delivers. Imagine what this type of lighting effect could have on your products and/or space.On the other hand, a subtler approach can be to use cool LEDs to radiate along an acrylic shelf. Casting a softer, deliberate light seam invites without being too harsh.  This type of backlit shelving attracts just enough attention, while allowing the customer to browse a selection of products at their own pace.

At Benchmarc, we take careful consideration of the customer experience our clients strive to achieve. Lighting is just one tool we use to convey a message (strong or subtle) while we design custom semi-permanent and permanent display. By taking a holistic approach, we partner with our clients to develop dynamic displays that utilize innovative materials and technologies.

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