Top 5 Pinterest Boards for Retail & Display Inspiration

Get inspired for your upcoming retail project with these Pinterest boards we love to follow! Our top 5 below:

1. Retail Displays

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.12.03 AM

Retail Displays is a board by @StoreoftheCommunity on Pinterest. Whether you’re a brand rep or retailer, this is a good board to follow to get customizable marketing inspiration. Here, you’ll find everything from big name brand displays to unique boutique easily applicable for your large-scale projects.

2Retail Display Inspiration

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This board was built by a Retail Visual Designer & Stylist. Get visual inspiration from awesome display designs she finds inspired by both online and her personal portfolio.

3Retail Design Blog

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Retail Design Blog is a Pinterest account created to assist the retail designers and visual merchandisers to provide news and information about retail trends and solutions. You’ll find everything from in-store display ideas, featured packaging and branding, store design, lighting, materials and more!

4. Retail Focus

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Retail Focus is the UK’s leading publication for the retail design community, covering the latest news, views and projects from this creative sector.

5. Retail Design Community

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Here you’ll find everything that’s inspiring in the world of retail design. Retail Design Community invites others in to share their own inspirations and knowledge. To join the board, follow it and leave a comment requesting on one of the pins. Invite other experts to share! They ask for 3 pins max at a time and to watch for duplication so the boards offer a variety of knowledge.

Which Pinterest boards inspire you? Leave a comment and your handle to be featured in an upcoming article!

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