What is contactless shopping?



It’s the term currently buzzing around in the retail industry.

In unprecedented times, it’s not a passing trend but future that needs to be designed for.

But what exactly does it mean and how are retailers adjusting for it?


Prior to 2020, the term “contactless shopping” was nearly non-existent.

Early iterations of it involved “tap-to-pay” card payment processes and self-checkout registers often seen in most grocery stores. The convenience and simplicity are what draws customers to use them, and the reduction in labor costs is loved by retailers. However, safety and health were only minor concerns at that point.


Now it’s a term in everyday retail conversations, used with a sense of urgency.

Major retailers have already adopted contactless strategies such as Walmart and Kohl’s, implementing technology such as mobile apps and QR codes for payment options. While other small retailers are introducing delivery and outdoor pickups on their list of services.

It’s a welcoming and a much needed solution for a new reality affected by an ongoing pandemic.

But this term is also vague and retailers are implementing it in different ways to create a seamless shopping experience. Leading to it’s growth in popularity as Barclays estimated that contactless shopping is expected to increase by 300 by 2022.


Checkout-free was a term being explored by some retailers such as Amazon’s Go stores,  un-manned convenience-store type, brick and mortar locations. However, the entire experience lacks personalization and the ability to answer questions that may pop up throughout the shopping process. Not to mention the uncomfortable feeling that your every move it be monitored, recorded and analyzed by an AI software.


Using technology to enhance the contactless shopping experience.

Nike has announced that they will be launching self-checkout in their stores so that customer’s can have a completely contact free purchasing experience. As well as integrating the Nike app to allow customers to scan barcodes to learn more about the products.


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