Raw Wood Everywhere


Wood wood, raw wood everywhere.

Forget the dark stains, maybe forget the stain altogether. Let the natural characteristics of the wood shine. That was the theme this year, embrace the charm of raw wood. Nearly freshly pulled off the sawmill
















From the floors to the ceiling, light woods such as pine, maple, and oak are used to create bright energetic spaces. For a dramatic touch, using strategically placed props such as the mannequins and race cars below, enhancing the wooden backdrop.



Sometimes just a wooden accent is enough, like the raw unpolished, bare pallets used as platforms. By incorporating the textured, imperfections of the pallet wood, the display takes on an approachable, eco-friendly atmosphere.



















Fibreboard can also create a fantastic eco-friendly, cost -effective design element. Such as in the display room below, from the walls to the floor, fibreboard acts at a muted canvas to showcase the products on bright white shelves.










For a modern, industrial-chic approach, combine the untreated wood with a black steel frame or wire grid.














Another modern approach is to layer different materials to build a dynamic visual experience. The wooden grid frame built with 2x4s, overlap the multi-tonal gray harrington wall treatment to create a cozier area within a larger space while maintaining an open feel.








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