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That's FACT

The FACT System® is Benchmarc's exclusive metric for determining how a program will work to address the needs of the brand, fit the retail environment, and, most importantly, attract shoppers.

We understand the FACTs of your project first to set the stage for flawless execution and successful project outcome.


Of course, Benchmarc does all of this before concepts are implemented in-store, providing peace of mind that the investment made at retail is sound.

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3D Experience

We give our customers the 3D Experience® - the collaborative process we use to work with the Brand and Retail Teams developing ground-breaking ideas and making lasting connections with shoppers. The process begins by evaluating the FACTs, and gaining a full understanding of the issues in the environment. Then, our clients collaborate with Benchmarc's team to create concepts. Finally, we use our four decades of experience to create solutions that are certain to perform when deployed in the retail environment.

POP Displays

In just over 40 years, we’ve mastered the evolution of marketing communications tools focused at consumer touch point. While traditional forms of POP have become increasingly sophisticated, technology is pushing the field in exciting new directions. Advances like these are making it possible to captivate, inform and influence the consumer in ways never before imagined.


The development of POP has paralleled the march of technology and has put a fresh new face on in-store merchandising and methods. Of course, we still rely on plastic, metal, wire, wood and corrugated, but today we employ an arsenal of highly advanced materials and processes. Now, the language of POP includes such terms as: LED, LCD, interactive, cathode lighting, digital video, holography, solar power, computer chips, chase lights… It’s a brave new world in POP.